Sunday, August 8, 2010

Just a precursor to my whole wheat bread post ...

Check out this article


I had stumbled onto milling my own wheat a while back when I decided I was going to start baking all of our own bread to cut costs.  Over the process of researching mills and where to purchase my wheat berries, I became a little more educated on the subject of eating more "naturally".  My recent viewing of the documentary "Food, Inc" has also fueled my fire and given me a whole different outlook on what my family consumes (I know they just show the most horrific examples of what's out there in these documentaries, but even 10 degrees less horrific is still too much for me!!).   I strongly urge everyone to at least watch it and form their own opinion (because this is just mine)...go get a free trial of Netflix and watch it online for free.

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