Thursday, April 5, 2012

Amazing Plant Growth Enhancer

A friend of mine gave me a sample of an organic, microbial, plant-growth enhancer to test out on the garden.  The supposed effect that interested me the most was it's ability to assist the plants in water and nutrient absorption.   Three weeks ago, we started our field study.  The plants in the front yard were treated with the microbes and, a week later, a dose of the usual fish emulsions.  The plants at the community garden were treated with just the fish emulsion. 

I am amazed to say that the front yard is light years ahead of the community garden.  The plants are not needing as much water, they are lush and gorgeous and already producing.  Whereas, normally, we would have been watering twice a day during these high-heat spells we are experiencing.  We have not even staked the tomatoes yet, and they are doing beautifully.  In addition, because they are so healthy, we are not seeing bugs at all. 




The community garden is growing...just not as well.  There is growth, it's just not as pretty, and it's happening at a much slower pace.  Factoring in the mass amounts of plants and some surrounding gardens that are not tended as well as others, the bug issue we've had at the community garden may not have been nearly as bad under other conditions, but unfortunately, we have had a worm problem this week.  A good spray with some garlic/hot pepper tea and a heavy dose of thuricide seems to have cleared it up.  

Past crops in both gardens have done equally well, so, needless to say, we will be spraying the community garden this week with some microbes.  I can't wait to see what the results will be!! 

If you are interested in testing out the microbes out on your own garden, check out and get in contact with Emmanuelle.

Happy Gardening!!

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