Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring Break Bucket List

Most Spring Breaks, we wake up every morning and fly by the seat of pants for the day racking our brains on what fun activity we can do next.  I love having all the kids home, but keeping them entertained for a week straight is enough to give me a full head of gray overnight. 

Over the past month, the lure of Pinterest has sucked me in.  I can't help but check it everyday to see what kind of fun ideas all my friends are pinning.  Last week, I saw the most genius idea...a Spring Break Bucket List!   I even pinned it on my "Genius"!  We sat down one night over dinner and talked about some fun ideas to fill up our week.  What I found to be most entertaining was that the majority of the ideas were centered around food.

Make doughnuts
Make cupcakes
Go out for ice cream

Steak Night (the Hubby's idea :))

Of course we had the standard list.

Go to the pool
Bike to the beach
Go fishing
Dye eggs
Easter egg hunt

My additions...

Clean winter clothes out of the closets
Catch up on laundry :)

Then, a few extras...

Just veg
See the cousins
Do some of the crafts that have been piling up for years in our closets.

Today, while we are patiently waiting on the sun to come out, I am so glad we made this list.  There is a pile of unopened boxes in each of the kids' closets of fun pre-packaged crafts that they've gotten as gifts somewhere along the line.  At least once a month,  someone asks to do one of the crafts, and knowing that they need batteries (that I never seem to have or don't work if I have them)

involve paint or will somehow become a disaster (emotionally, which happened anyway,

or physically), I have found ways to delay the crafting.  Well, today, I am out of excuses and it's pottery time (without the batteries).

I think it may have been a positive for the sake of my sanity that the batteries were not working and each kid is working with their own little ball of clay.


It really is fun to see their imagination at work!


Thank you Pinterest!!    

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