Thursday, December 15, 2011

Community Gardening

We are so privileged to have gotten a little piece of heaven in our local community garden.  As well as we've been able to garden in the front yard, we are still so limited by what our neighbors would consider "pretty".  Makes me wonder sometimes who came up with the concept of what a "pretty" yard should look like...darn you, Southern Living!!  I love that magazine, but, boy, does it ever brainwash us :)

Anyways...a few months ago, a local community garden opened up, and we scored one of the coveted spaces thanks to our good friend Matt.  Not only do we have a little piece of land surrounded by loads of our church family, thank you again Matt, but we now have a place to plant in rows.  It seems so crazy, but to see our little plants all in rows, thank you Mother Goose :), just makes me smile.  It's one of the things I love about living a simpler life and having the time to spend gardening..  I look forward to pulling into the parking lot and seeing all the beautiful, green rows of veggies.  It truly is like a slice of heaven.  I like to imagine that in heaven we all have a precious little piece of land to plant our veggies in little green rows that never need to be watered, never get any bugs and the soil is perfectly balanced.    Ahhh.....

But, in the mean time, we have the community garden....

We harvested some of the best turnips today.  We've never been able to grow them this big...

Dinner tonight:
Fried Gator Tail (hunted by the hubby)--used organic palm oil and fresh milled wheat flour
Collard greens with turnips (from the garden)
Baked French Fries--used organic russets

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