Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Stopping to Smell the Flowers

Every once in a while, I get one of those days that I feel free to stop and smell the flowers.  These days are a true gift from God being that He's the only one that can slow my brain down enough to enjoy something as simple as a beautiful pink Echinacea flower.  Just a few moments of peace and quiet, alone in the garden can do amazing things for my sanity.  The pink flower led me to sit still and see past my nose long enough to notice some beautiful blessings today.

Even though we've made enormous steps towards a less complicated life, my A-Type brain can still get wrapped up in the details of a bunch of mind-numbing craziness that probably didn't matter in the first place, and, in the grand scheme of God's plan, ultimately won't matter at all.  Without stopping to smell the pretty, pink flower, I would have never seen this bee.  He has one job...to collect pollen.  Nothing else matters to him at that moment.  He hardly even noticed the fact that he was about to make the internet.

It got me thinking about all the other plants in the yard.  All of them have one purpose...to grow.  

This broccoli is not thinking..."hmmm...if I stop growing now, maybe I won't get eaten".  No, it's just busy growing.

Just like this cabbage.

This beet.

And, this squash.

So, as I lay under the palm in our front yard, probably looking like a freak to the neighbors,  I am blessed to find 15 precious minutes to learn from God's creation.  Imagine how simple life could be if I just bask in His promises of provision and focus (just like the bee) on nothing but my callings from God.

Matthew 6:27-34

Our garden helps "center" me...where is your "happy place"?

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