Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Date in the Woods

I'm not sure I would have ever believed it if someone told me 10 years ago that, one day, my idea of fun would be hanging out in the woods with my husband...crazy!!!!  Dare I say this, but I have come to this strange place that a "date" afternoon with my husband that included a stroll through the woods, checking out the scenery (we saw some really cool mushrooms...still have to look up what these are),

shooting a rifle and testing a game camera was...enjoyable?   I am still awstruck that I just wrote that!!!

I now understand what it is about the woods that draws the hubby to them.  It's so quiet.  Much more quiet than when I stick my fingers in my ears and run to the bedroom closing three doors behind me as I find myself hiding in the toilet room of the master bath to save myself the angst of hearing "mama, mama, can you..." one more time.  Sitting in the woods almost feels like you are on another planet.  Even while my house is silent right now, I can still hear the sounds of lawn mowers, of cars driving up and down A1A and the refrigerator humming.  It's much different than the God made sounds of a bird chirping, leaves falling or the wind blowing.  Those sounds just seem to be more calming, as if God intentionally made them that way.

Wow...I've never thought about that until I just wrote it.  Even the sounds God created are for our pleasure.  Just one more reason to be thankful today!!

Happy Thursday!!

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