Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Must Watch Food Documentaries

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Two years ago, I read an article about a documentary called Food, Inc.  I got a free trial to Netflix, watched it, begged the hubby to watch it, and our family's way of eating was changed forever.  It took two years and a ton of research to get to where we are with our eating, and there's still much more room for improvement.  Over the two years, we've made changes that have stuck and ones that haven't.  Sometimes it feels like we take two steps forward and ten steps back.  Then, there's times where we plow forward like a freight train and never look back.  The kids aren't always perfectly co-operative, but the always tend to amaze me in the areas that I think they are going to buck...which is always a pleasant surprise.

My point being that Jesus is only perfect one that has and will ever walk the earth, so we are never going to get it 100% "right" no matter how hard we try.  Everyone's family is different, so what we do in our family is not always the best for other families.  I love that so many of you are taking our ways of life that I post about and trying them out to see what works for you!!  I get so excited when I get an email or a comment about things that are working for your family and the changes you are seeing in kids behavior, your energy levels and so much more!  That's why I keep posting!!

Since so many of the changes we've made are because of information I received from documentaries, I wanted to share a few of them with you.  Get the free trial to Netflix and watch them.  I'm not saying to go running out and change everything you do based on what these films show you.  Nor, am I saying my family believes in everything you will see on these films.  Just watch them and make your own decisions based on the information they provide.   I found all of them "enlightening" in one way or another.  I'm sure I missed a few good ones any that you can think of in the comment section, so nobody misses out :)

Food Inc.

The Future of Food

King Corn

The Beautiful Truth

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

Super Size Me

Meet Your Meat-(not on Netflix it's here

Deconstructing Supper

Food Matters

The Gerson Miracle

Forks Over Knives

What's On Your Plate



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