Wednesday, February 29, 2012

First Tomatoes of the Season and Volunteer Plants

Tomatoes have become like a weed in our yard these days.  They pop up everywhere!  About mid-December, some variety of tomato decided to pop up amongst all the carrots under the crepe myrtle tree.  It looked so cozy there, we decided to just let it stay.  Two hard freezes later, it managed to survive, bloom and produce a few precious, little tomatoes that will be ripe and ready to eat very soon.  I can't wait!!

A lesson we've learned over the past few years of gardening is that if a plant just seems to voluntarily pop up in the middle of nowhere, just leave it alone.  Some of the most productive and heartiest plants we've had have been ones that found their own home, and we left the squatters alone.

For the longest time, I couldn't get a globe eggplant to grow that wasn't bitter.  Last year, one popped up on it's own right-smack-dab in the middle of the black-eyed peas.  The hubby wanted so badly to yank it, but caved to my begging and pleading (I am the only eggplant lover in the house).  We ended up getting at least 40 big, beautiful eggplants from that one happy plant.

The moral of the and and let live.  If a veggie plant just pops up in a not-so-planned place, let it may be one of the best plants you've ever accommodated!     

Happy Wednesday!!


  1. Hola chica! Hey, do you have good resource for the less knowledgable folks like myself... about which fruits and veggies are in season when/where etc.? Or perhaps you could just give me a quick rundown... Picked up some organic strawberries today at Publix and it seems they are on the out already... What's in season? :)

    1. Hey, girl! Perfect idea for today's Pantry Raid post! Thanks! Here you go...