Monday, February 20, 2012

Pantry Raid #11: Buying in Bulk, Co-ops

Good morning!!  I am SO excited about today's Pantry Raid!  I've been tossing around the idea of joining a local natural foods co-op for at least two years (maybe even three).  It just makes sense that if I'm going to make the trek all the way to the health food store three or four times a month while wasting fuel and my time, that it would just be easier and more productive for myself and the environment to buy all the same items at once through a co-op on a monthly basis. 

For the most part, we've gotten to a place in our pantry that I pretty much buy the same items over and over again.  Aside from seasonal produce which changes frequently, there's the occasional item outside the box for a new recipe I want to try or a crazy craving that just needs some satisfaction.  But, pretty much, I am a creature of habit.  This makes buying in bulk flat out's just the getting the list out of my brain and onto paper that causes a bit of a stumbling block for me.    

So,  I put off joining the co-op for years because the idea of getting organized enough to implement this change in our household just scared me to death.  Have I mentioned that I am a MAJOR procrastinator, an over-analyzer and I don't like change at all?  This combination can be paralyzing sometimes.  Scary, huh?  Talk to the hubby...he'll be more than happy to tell you just how scary it is :)   I can only hope some of you are the same way...otherwise, I can't imagine what you are thinking about me!

I guess getting over that hump for me is what makes this new adventure extra exciting.  Once I get "the list" together, I will be adding it to the resources here on the blog (more excitement).  SIDE NOTE:  Some of you have been asking how to get updates on when new posts are added.  Just enter your email address in the space in the left column to "Subscribe via Email".  After you hit submit, you will receive a confirmation email.  Make sure your click the link in it.  Back to the Raid...An even more exciting piece comes into play with my constant need to save our money that the hubby works so hard for.  Less money spent means less of my hubby's precious time spent working and more of his time spent at home with the family.  That's something I am willing to work extra hard for!  Buying in bulk is a huge contribution to that cause, amd that gets me even more excited!!

Here's how the co-op works...

Joining with a full membership gives you access to United Natural Foods, Frontier co-op, Peaceful Pastures, Live Oak Dairy, and Global Organics. You can get detailed info on these suppliers at their website  There is not a single item I would buy at the store that I can't get through these cool!

In essence, the co-op members place their individual orders, and the co-op orders from the suppliers in bulk to fill these individual orders.  The co-op orders like a grocery store just more personalized because individual orders are made up front, so only what is needed is ordered.  I hope I'm making sense.  There is a little more inner working between members before the order is placed, but that is the basics of it.  When the order arrives, members get together to sort it before they take it home.  Pretty simple...I'm not sure why I put this off for so long!!  Even though some work for me goes into the process on delivery day, it will take way less of my time and energy than the 4-5 trips a week to the grocery store plus 3-4 a month to the health food store...did I mention I am unorganized and a procrastinator? :)

So, today marks the beginning of a new journey for me...I am going to HAVE TO get organized.  At the risk of sounding like Martha...this will be a good thing!   This should make for some fun blog!

Happy Monday!!

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