Monday, January 2, 2012

On That Farm He Had a Chicken...

For those of you that know me, I have been whining for at least a year now that I want chickens.  I just think it would be the coolest thing to have a bunch of little hens running around the yard laying eggs for us to scoop up and eat every morning.  Unfortunately, we have restrictions from the county and the neighborhood keeping my farmgirl dream from reality :(   I'll just blame it on them and say it has nothing to do with our backyard hardly being big enough for a picnic table and some chairs :)

So, the next best thing is helping out a friend who's property is zoned just right for some little chickadees.  The hubby (and little man) have been busy helping get the chicken's cute, little house all ready for them to move in.

It's been so fun to watch the whole process happen.  What was once a horse barn is now a cozy, new home to 12 hens and one lucky rooster.    

Complete with a private bungalow for each little hen to decorate however she pleases.  Oh, that would be too cute to paint each little nest box a different color, maybe a tiny piece of art to hang on each wall.  I know I'd be laying more eggs if someone hooked me up like!     

 I do have to wonder if each one really does claim a nest, or do they swap nests?  I'll have to research that one and get back with you. 

There was a side of me that thought chickens were a bit on the funny looking side.

But, after hanging out a few times, these girls are growing on me...they actually kind of cute!  They have their own little personalities.  This one seemed to be the curious one.  What is that under there anyways?


And, this one the lone ranger.

I've gone over there with the hubby a few times to help feed them.  I tell you what...these girls can eat!  

And eat...



All that eating better make for some good eggs!  I'm looking forward to tasting one right out of the nest...  Yummo!!!

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