Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Seed Addiction

I have a confession...we have a serious seed addiction!!

It's so hard...these beautiful catalogs come in the mail

filled with page

after glossy page

of the funnest,

most beautiful, 

heirloom veggies!!

How could you not try to grow this tomato?!?!

Or, these peppers???

So, twice a year, I sit down with the hubby while finding some way to come back from the clouds and realize, we just can't grow everything.   We make the list, make the order and check the mailbox everyday like a bunch of kids.  It's so fun!  This spring, we ordered from Baker Creek Seeds (all the pics above are theirs) at

We ordered:

Cherokee Purple Tomatoes
Floradade Tomatoes
Principe Borghese Tomatoes
Beauty King Tomatoes
Lemon Cuke Cucumbers
Golden Bantam 12-Row Corn
Ground Cherries
Malaysian Dark Red Eggplant
Japanese White Egg Eggplant
Italian Pepperoncini Peppers
Sweet Chocolate Peppers
Emerald Giant Peppers
Jing Orange Okra
Stewart's Zeebest Okra

Can't wait to get these little seedlings sprouting!!!

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