Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tour de Front Yard Garden

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I sometimes have to laugh when I reflect back on what our front yard looked like when we first moved into our home. Lots of grass, a palm tree and some boxwood shrubs under the kitchen nook window. Can you say....BORING! We added a little color here and there, but the big fun started when we planted our first set of collard greens.

That seems like light years ago, but it was really just a few years ago.  Now, the yard is just a treasure trove of precious, little, edible plants nestled around and under what appears to be "real" landscaping.  I just love to watch passers-by stop and stare.  Some of them just can't help themselves,  I see them stepping onto the pavered paths to peer deeper into the billows of greenery to confirm what they think they are seeing.

Yep, that's a cabbage :)

What are the I'm sitting here writing, I spotted a set of those passers-by.  The hubby was outside and always loves to chat and share a little love with amazed neighbors.  These ladies left with a bag full of greens.

When you spread the love, it comes back a hundred fold.  This was on my doorstep this afternoon.  It is such a gift to be able to share our blessings.  We never expect anything in return, which makes it that much more special when something like this shows up at the door.

Another favorite thing about our yard is how it morphs each season into a completely different kind of beauty. 

Spring 2011

Fall 2011

Sometimes, for a month or so, there will be a patch of bare soil just waiting for tiny seedlings to pop up from the darkness below.  This is our neighbors little space.  It is so exciting to me that they've gotten in on the fun!!

Then, in a matter of weeks, little sprouts become maturing plants holding promises of edible delight as they bask in the warm rays of Florida sunshine.

Lettuce sprouts

grew into lots of salads for us all Fall with more to come.

No matter what the season, I can count on knowing that a whole different array of delectable goodies will be on their way soon, and I will be blessed to participate in the joy of watching them grow from seed to table.

Here's a glimpse of this Spring

What will you be planting this Spring?


  1. omg danielle! i'm dying!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please teach me your ways! beautiful garden! how awesome.

    1. You have got to come take a live tour! Then, we are so getting you started this spring!!

    2. i am so there! the last week of jan/early feb is perfect. things will calm down here then. i need to get my tail in gear for spring! thanks, girl.

  2. our tomato seeds have just started to sprout! baby steps...

    1. Baby steps are the best steps!! I can't wait to hear about your tomatoes!!

  3. I just ordered my heirloom seends. Do you have any tips for planting them when they arrive? It looks like you have quite a system. Thanks, Susan

  4. We like to use the little "greenhouse" with the starter pellets. You can pick them up at Home Depot. They make it compact and easy to store inside until it gets warm enough outside. Just set them in a preferably south facing window. They need the full sun. Keep them moist, but not too moist, because the sprouts will rot. We just use a misting bottle and give them a little spray of water when they start looking a bit dry. Keep any unused seeds in a refrigerator.