Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Quick Brocolli and Cabbage Saute

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When our first daughter was born, I was such a freak about writing every little thing in her baby book.  In the flip of a page, I could tell you exactly which teeth appeared in her mouth, at what time and where I was standing when the first little speck of white popped through her gums.  Just kidding, I don't know where I was standing, but I might as well have written that down too.  She used to say some of the cutest things, and of course, because I was such a wanna be perfect Mommy, all of her extra-cute thoughts are forever preserved on the pages of that little book.  If I had managed to maintain my status as Mom of the Year, my other two children would have the same tidy, little books filled to the brim with all kinds of information that they could roll their eyes at when they're thirty five wondering why the heck I wasted my time writing all that craziness down.  I can only laugh imagining the difference in what would be written in their quotes section.  Each one was born in such a different stage of our life, and those funny things they say are always such a reflection of what they see in us.

I'm sitting in the living room the other day and I can hear the beginnings of what I knew was about to brew into a full blown screaming match upstairs.  Troy was laughing, and the girls were screaming at him.  That's always a recipe for disaster.  All of a sudden I had three kids streaking through my living room as they go running through the house.  My three-year-old first, laughing all the way, and his soaking wet sisters screaming after him.  Apparently, he must have been turning the lights off on them while they were taking a bath.  From the safety of our master bathroom he'd locked himself into, I can hear him yelling through the door at his sisters, as they proceed to try and bang it down, "You're wasting electricity!!".   It was one of those moments I couldn't help but laugh...who cared if his sisters were going to have to bathe in the dark, he was saving the planet!  There's one for the baby book :)

Anyways...our choices in eating and the attempt to explain them to or kids has backfired a few times.  Like when our middle child tells me last month "I can't eat these strawberries, they're not in season yet".  Unfortunately, she was right, and even though they were organic, they were shipped all the way from California....definitely not keeping in line with eating in season (which is one of the things we like to try to make the effort to do for the environment).  It does backfire when I feel like being a slacker, or when I just want a darn strawberry :)

Doing our own gardening really helps us with this goal.  I have to say that eating in season is the best eating we do.  When fruits and veggies are planted and harvested at the time God intended for them to be, they just taste nothing short of amazing.  Right now, our garden is spilling over with broccoli and cabbage.  It is the most incredible broccoli and cabbage I have ever sunk my teeth into.  Quite a few of the broccoli heads have been sent home with the kids' friends after they get one taste and then practically beg to take some home to their parents.  I am in awe of how much these kids love fresh broccoli!

With the abundance of these delectable green veggies finding their way into my kitchen, I am constantly seeking new ways for them to land on our dinner plates.  This recipe is so quick and delicious, it's been a hit every time I serve it up.  And, the ingredients are so simple.


One head of Broccoli
One half head of Cabbage
2 Tbsp Olive Oil
1 Tsp Sea Salt
Pepper to taste
2 Tbsp Liquid Aminos

Cut the broccoli and cabbage into bite size pieces (I threw in a little cauliflower here too).

Heat your saute pan over medium heat (I love using a cast iron pan for this).  Add olive oil, veggies, salt 
and pepper.  


Cover pan with a lid, stir occasionally until the broccoli turns bright green (you can cook it a little longer if you like your veggies softer, but leaving them slightly al dente helps preserve some of the nutrients you can loose in the cooking process).  


Toss in liquid aminos and ENJOY!

The family ate this up the other night with:

Pan Seared Wild Pork Tenderloin (hunted by the hubby, seasoned with salt and pepper seared in a little olive oil)


Whipped Turnips and Russet Potatoes (whipped with a little organic heavy cream, butter, salt and pepper)

I am a true believer in keeping it simple so the flavors of the fresh meat and veggies can shine!

Happy Cooking!


  1. you are nothing short of amazing!!!! love you Aunt A

  2. danielle:

    i am LOVING your blog!!! we are making big changes in the way we eat, and its been super helpful to get info from here! i can't wait to try this recipe. our broccoli isn't quite ready yet, but i can't wait to harvest all these ingredients from the garden and try it out! where did you get the liquid aminos? and can i please have the whipped turnips and russet potatoes recipe??? i have so many questions for you!!! thanks for giving out such great info!!!


  3. Hey LeAna!!

    I am so excited for you that you will have REAL broccoli soon!! You are going to LOVE it!! I'm also very excited that your are enjoying the blog and even using it...thanks for reading!! You can get the liquid aminos in Publix in the natural food section(less expensive at Native Sun though). I use it all the time!!

    The whipped turnips and russet potatoes are so simple. Use 1 turnip to 3 medium size potatoes. Dice them up and boil them (I leave the skins on the potatoes). Add 2 Tbsp butter and a shot of heavy cream (or milk if you don't have cream), salt and pepper and whip with the electric mixer. They are delicious!!